Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I wouldn't change him/her for the world

I see this line all too often in peoples blogs referring to their special needs child. It has to be the most ridiculous thing a special needs parent would say.

I see my son struggle everyday. He can't sit up never mind stand or walk. He can't eat and is tube fed. He can't communicate and gets frustrated a lot.

Would I change him if I could? Of course I would. If I could magically take away his cerebral palsy and give him a chance of a normal life I would. Without hesitation.

That doesn't mean I love him any less for who he is now. He's amazing, he's determined, he's stubborn, he's loving and he's my son. All I want is the best for him. All any parent wants is the best for their child and those who say they wouldn't change them for the world need to think about what they mean by that.

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