Wednesday, 27 July 2016

OT: Escape from Nottingham

When I made my escape from Nottingham I bought a car from a guy in hyson green. It was a white m reg escort. 1.3 petrol and less power than a moderate fart. It cut out when the revs dropped as well and needed a bump start all too often. Cost me about £320 but I needed something to get me, Claire and all our stuff back up north. Driving back I had to stop at a red light and sure enough it cut out. An old guy, must've been in his sixties, came to my rescue and offered to give me a push. There was no-one else around younger so I accepted his help. He pushed the car and it as it fired up it jumped forward and the old guy fell on his face. While trying to keep the revs up I shouted back to see if he was ok. He waved and I drove off, leaving him lying in the road. I did see him getting back on his feet in the mirror but I still felt really bad about the whole thing.

I got the car fixed, it got us back up north and while I was waiting to start a new job I swapped it for a green focus estate.

True story.

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